5 common fashion mistakes that men make

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about wearing what you want and expressing your style but let’s face it, there are some things that shouldn’t ever see the light of day again.

Okay, yes those shoes you still have sitting in your wardrobe may have been trendy in the early 2000s - that was a BAD time for fashion by the way - but it’s definitely not now. So even if it has sentimental value, take this end of year period to do a little stocktake of your wardrobe and cull these fashion fails.

These aren’t hard and fast rules but we’ve rounded up something that guys need to start doing better at on the fashion front.

Ill-fitting suits - or ill-fitting anything, really

men's fashion fails

This has come up a few times in our blogs, and for good reason. There is nothing that screams unkempt and that you have a zero care factor about your appearance more than an ill-fitting suit. If you’re on the younger end of the spectrum, it looks like you’re wearing your dad’s suit and if you’re older… well you don’t have any excuses to not know better.

 Let us clarify that it’s not about fitting into that super skinny suit pant, it’s about tailoring it to fit your body shape. Essentially, it’s cutting the excess fabric. Suits should slightly taper in both in the waist and in the pant, and your jacket length and hems should always be adjusted accordingly! With our everyday prices and affordable formalwear range, you can afford to get some alterations done.

Shirt outside jacket lapels

This one carries on from the above. There’s not much here to say except don’t do it. Shirt collars should stay inside your jacket lapel - it’s just a lot smarter and less… porn star-ish. What is the point of getting nice shirts then letting them hang out?

Also while we’re here, please don’t pop the collars on your polo shirts. You’re ruining an otherwise nice wardrobe addition. It’s not 2004.

Overstuffed wallet

Again, this is a tip that we’ve mentioned before. It seems so simple but can really affect your whole look considering guys almost always carry their wallets in the front or back pant pockets. It can create weird bulges in pants and ruin the overall look of how an outfit is meant to sit.

The real question here is do you really need all those receipts and that 50th loyalty card? And the answer is probably not. If you don’t carry cash, try a slim card holder or just a simple bi-fold wallet - that you promise to clean out regularly - will be great as well.

Too much jewellery and over accessorising.

Depending on who you ask, guys should never wear jewellery. But we think it’s okay if you know how to wear it sparingly. A couple of rings - if you’re that kind of guy - can actually look really good in addition but it shouldn’t then be also paired with thick leather arm accessories and chains on chains on your neck.

Remember: keep it simple and make sure if always matches the outfit.

A few things about footwear

Putting on your shoes is probably the last thing you do in our outfit routine and before you leave the house - so that might be the reason why guys don’t really prioritise footwear. It’s actually one of the most important things.

You know how we said there are no hard and fast rules? Well, there is one: Don’t wear crocs. Unless you’re a chef, surgeon, or have another job where it’s actually acceptable. Just don’t. We don’t care how comfortable they are - try comfy (and smart) casual shoes instead. 

For dressy occasions step away from anything python, and white leather dress shoes are a no. Like seriously, kill them with fire. Every guy needs smart dress shoes, but let’s stick to black or brown. Also, if your leather shoes are collapsing in at the toe - it’s time to get new ones. New year, new shoes.


Take advantage of the time off you might have or just the quiet period to re-evaluate at your wardrobe. Then shop Ed Harry’s New Arrivals to stock up with some fashion must-haves.

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