How to dress to impress the lady in your life

Look guys, when it comes to your style there is a right way to impress the ladies. The reality is that many women have certain tastes and preferences when it comes to men’s fashion. Whether you’re single and ready to mingle or in a long-term relationship, a well put together outfit - resulting in a well dressed man - is something that will never go unnoticed.

While we don’t like to judge a book by its cover, how a man presents himself does impact how women see men - and vice versa. For centuries, men have asked what women want? While the answer goes a bit beyond your wardrobe, it is a good starting point.

So what do women want… when it comes to men’s fashion? Read on to discover how you can dress to impress:

How To Dress To Impress

1. Suits (that fit well)

If you haven’t heard how much women love a man in a good suit, then you’ve been living under a rock. Whether you wear one everyday for work or reserve them for those special events - women take notice when you’re in your Sunday best.  However, this can all go to waste if your suit doesn’t fit well.

Swimming in fabric does nobody any favours. You want your suit jacket to fit snug around your shoulders and shape your torso; and your suit pants should always be hemmed to the proper length.  It’s a big call but wearing a suit is probably the most attractive thing a man can do on a clothing level.

2. A good smell

Whether you’re mingling at a bar, on a first date or having dinner with your wife, a good scent is hard for women to resist. Finding yourself a good cologne is like the icing on the cake to your outfit. No matter the occasion, if a glorious scent wafts as you walk by, this will make you look instantly more attractive. Just beware of overspraying as well - no one wants to burn their nose.

3. Well fitted jeans

Similar to a well tailored suit, a good pair of jeans that actually fit will do wonders to your appearance. This largely comes down to finding the right jeans for your body type . A pair of well-fitted jeans shows that you know what works for you, which is both very impressive in the eyes of women, and leads on to our next point.

4. Dressing for you

Knowing what works for you goes beyond the fit of your jeans - it also applies to your overall look. No matter what you’re wearing, women love - and can tell - when a man is dressing for himself. This applies to women as well. Even though this guide is about men’s fashion through the eyes of women, nothing is more important than dressing for you. It means dressing for your age, your body type and your personality. Knowing who you are and expressing this in your style not only makes your special lady very happy but also does wonders for your overall confidence.

5. Good footwear; the right footwear

One of the first things women notice about a man’s outfit is their shoes. Great taste in shoes is one thing but coordinating them with the right outfit and occasion is another thing altogether. Investing in good quality footwear is a no brainer. We’re totally okay with sneakers however, if you decide to wear your gym sneakers on date night, you’ll find yourself in some trouble. Trust us, nothing shows off a man’s good taste and styling abilities than pairing the right shoes with the right outfit - ladies go crazy over this.

6. White tee & jeans look

This classic combination is one that will never get old. We aren’t quite sure what it is about a white tee and jeans on men, but the ladies love it. It’s also super comfortable, budget friendly, and easy for any guy to pull off. Again, the right fit is essential to this look. We’re talking good fitting jeans and a white t-shirt that suits your body shape.

7. Rolled sleeves

Rolling the sleeves on your shirt to expose a bit of forearm is a big hit with the ladies. It makes you look like you’ve spent the day working hard doing serious, manly things. It can also create a cool, effortlessly casual vibe which is always naturally sexy. You can even roll up your short sleeve shirts as well - for more information on that, see our guide to mastering the short sleeve shirt.

8. Good grooming habits

You could wear the most expensive well-tailored suit or even jeans and a white tee; but if your grooming habits aren’t up to scratch, THIS is what women will notice. Grooming essentially makes or breaks your appearance.

This includes the right hairstyle for your face, your facial hair, your scent and overall cleanliness. While women have varying tastes and preferences with grooming, the key takeaway here is putting in a little effort. Go beyond basic hygiene and build a grooming routine that your lady will love.

9. Being experimental

Finally, women love a man who experiments with his style and doesn’t wear the same thing all the time. Surprise her with new shirts, shoes and scents, and mix up your accessories. Don’t be afraid to take risks every now and then. Nothing impresses a lady more than a man with a diverse wardrobe - it shows confidence and good taste.

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