How to Tie a Tie

If you’ve never tied a tie on your own before, our simple instructions will have you well on your way. The Half-Windsor is a great first necktie knot to learn.

When tying a tie, you want two things

1) Balance

2) Symmetry

The Half Windsor is a great choice for men with a fuller chest, or who are on the taller side. The tie is medium in size, nearly symmetrical and is more wide and thick. It is best used with neckties of a light/medium-weight fabric – like our JA Dress Ties


1)   It is elegant and triangular

2)   Best used with a classic collared shirt

3)   Relatively easy to learn (phew!) so read on, and let’s show you how



  1.        Fold the collar shirt up (top button undone) and place the tie around your neck. Begin with the wider end of the tie on the right and the smaller end on the left. The tip of the smaller end should  rest slightly above your belly button (NOTE: this will differ depending on your height and the length/ thickness of your tie). Only move the wider end.
  2.        Cross the wide end over the thinner end, and then turn back underneath
  3.        Bring the tie up towards you
  4.        Loop underneath, and turn the tie down towards your right
  5.        Pull the tie across the front, and over to the left
  6.        Loop it inside from underneath.
  7.        Pull the tie down through the loop you've just created in the front.
  8.        Adjust and tighten the knot by pulling down on the wide end. Slide the knot up & place the collar down. You’ve just completed the tie!

Practice makes perfect! Remember that all knots should be done in the mirror, especially while learning.

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