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At Ed Harry, we work hard to ensure that all our sizes are as consistent as possible. That means that when you buy from Ed Harry, the size that fits you now will always fit you. As long as you stay the same size – that’s one thing we can’t guarantee!

It can be intimidating at first to try to understand clothes and shoe sizing, especially as a busy man who doesn’t necessarily have the time to look up what all the numbers and letters mean.

But you’ll find that it’s very easy to learn. Unlike women, men don’t need to factor in as many variables when it comes to finding the right fit; here’s a tip to get you started when it comes to jeans, the size number indicated in most pants (like 36,38,42), is equivalent to your waist size, divided by two.

If that wasn’t clear, for example, if you were to measure the narrowest part of your waist with a tape meter and divide that by two, the result would be your jean size (If your waist is 72 cm, you would want a size 36 jean).

When it comes to shoe sizes, it’s very simple to find yours once you get that any given size number (6,7,8 …), is directly related to the measurement of your foot.

Here are a few examples before going through the guide; a size 6 shoe is made for a 24.6 cm foot, a size 7 is for a 25.4 cm foot. Once you get that, it’s simply a matter of measuring your feet and looking at a chart.

As you can see, it’s very easy to become an expert on finding the right size. Just follow this compact, yet exhaustive guide filled with a few charts as well as thoughtful explanations, and you will understand. If you take the time today to understand proper fitting, you’ll never have an issue when shopping for new clothes again.

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