Spring 2018 Hairstyle Guide

Spring is here! With the new season underway, it’s time for a wardrobe transformation! This means switching your wooly warmers for light button downs, your uggies for thongs, and while you’re at it, why not switch up your hair-do too?

A new season is the perfect opportunity to head down to your barber to try a fresh new style. Spring is a time for change and new beginnings, after all. As the warmer weather approaches, a new haircut will make way for easier maintenance and more comfortable in the heat and humidity.

To help guide your hairstyle transformation we’ve put together a guide of the hottest hairstyles for Spring this year, how to style them and what to tell your barber so they give you exactly what you’re after.

Style One: The side part

The side part is a modern twist on the old Hollywood do. Every leading man is sporting it at the moment. This style works best if its longer on the top, with tamed sides and a soft off-center part. It’s the haircut that will; suit every occasion - wear it for a formal event then transfer it into your everyday life as well. Slick it back with extra product for more suave approach or tackle the side part with some edge like Tom Hardy (left) does.

Good for: Short to medium hair, straight or thinning.

How to Style: Push your hair back, by running some pomade through the top length (style and re-style throughout the day). Comb the sides down neatly, parting the top length away from one side, using more pomade for hold.

Tell Your Barber: You want 1-inch longer on top, softly fading into shorter sides.


Style Two: Team G.I.

The first thing to say about this hairstyle is that you definitely don’t have to be in the army to pull off this military-inspired look. Being about as low maintenance as styles can be, this alternative take on the buzz cut is perfect for the lazier man. We quite like the more modern take - short all round with enough length on top to give it a bit of texture. It’s like G.I. Joe… but make it fashion.

Good for: All types of hair! Great for a bold change if you’ve always had longer length.

How to Style: No styling needed! This look is for the lazy remember? Maybe a little pomade for a special occasion though.

Tell Your Barber: You want it shaved all round, but leave about half an inch on top for some texture


Style Three: Soft Medium Waves

This style can only be achieved if you've already got the length, but boy are you lucky if you’re blessed with the waves too! Those born with a natural kink through their hair may find styling a little tricky, but believe it or not, the longer your waves are the easier it gets to style! This look is perfect for those who have longer hair, are looking for a change but aren’t quite ready to part with the length. The medium length is short enough to notice a difference, but still long enough to be considered… well, long!

Alternatively, if you’re currently leaving your house in a huff because your short hair just won’t be tamed, we suggest trying to grow it out a bit. Everyone goes through the awkward length stage but once you get about 2-3 inches of length all you’ll need to do is push it back, add some hairspray for hold and you’re good to go!

Good for: Medium to long hair, thick and wavy

How to Style: Style your hair as needed, add hair mousse, curl cream or hairspray for hold

Tell Your Barber:  If you have long hair - you want a trim just past your ears. If you have short hair - let it grow baby!


Style Four: Modern Caesar

This one is another relatively low maintenance style, and it’s been super popular during men’s fashion week so you know it’s on-trend for the Spring. It’s definitely a little edgier than your average haircut but it’s time to try something new, right? For this style to work, you need to have some length on the top - so spend some time growing it if you don’t - and be ready for a higher, harsh fade on the sides. The fringe should sit a little closer to your hairline than your eyebrows. Because of the bluntness of the style, the modern caesar works well with those of you blessed with strong jawlines and prominent bone structures.

Good for: Short hair, thick/thin, wavy/straight.

How to Style: Use some styling gel at the roots of damp hair and blow dry forward using your hands to create texture  

Tell Your Barber:  You want to leave length on top, trimming fringe if needed, with a high fade around the side and back.


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